How Agoda uses XCover to beat the industry standard for customer experience in travel insurance

More than ever, today’s travelers want relevant protection offered in the most convenient way. In most cases, this is through their travel provider. 

A recent global survey about embedded travel insurance, conducted by and commissioned by Cover Genius, reported that 71% of participants who purchased protection from their travel provider, would do so again, whereas 35% of those who purchased protection from an online insurer, would choose to switch to another source for their next trip. 

According to the travel survey, customers of traditional insurance sources rated their post-claim NPS as low as -34. As a leading global online travel platform, Agoda partnered with us to ensure their customers were provided with our best-in-class claims experience, which has landed us an industry-leading post-claims NPS.

By integrating with our award-winning XCover global distribution platform, Agoda seamlessly provides the embedded protection their customers want, backed by an efficient claims process that features instant payments for approved claims.