Embedded insurance helps merchants avoid the ‘Protection Gap’

Whether they know it or not, consumers have been the beneficiaries of embedded insurance, a trend that’s moving beyond simple eCommerce payments and has recently made its debut in the logistics sector. Embedded insurance offers a seamless alternative to the clunkiness of traditional models of insurance: When consumers buy high-priced electronics from their favorite online retailer or expensive flights from their airline of choice, they’re offered protection right at the point of checkout with coverage tailored to their specific needs. Please see the full article here.

Key Video Highlights:

  • 0:34 What is embedded insurance distribution in logistics?
  • 1:04 Why is embedded insurance getting more popular now?
  • 2:00 How does embedded insurance instill trust and gain new customers?
  • 2:53 Describe the ‘Protection Gap’ in logistics. What liability exposure is it creating?
  • 4:40 Why is it important for the shipping industry to have access to new and diverse payment options?