BrightWrite’s dynamic pricing capability

Watch the demo.

BrightWrite is our data analytics platform that helps our partners generate key pricing insights, resulting in maximized conversions and ancillary revenue. One feature that has enabled this is live, dynamic pricing that can be tailored according to various customer subsets.

This case study shows frontend price testing performed by our partners across the rental car insurance space. Our partner can control the look and feel of what is shown on the website, and we work with them to deliver these price optimizations. 

This dynamic pricing experiment was implemented for a week, and we were able to monitor and manage the status of these experiments. At the end of the week, we declare a “winner” as to which price is the most optimum to maximize conversions and profit.

By offering a platform to perform this testing, partners can gain the full value of offering tailored insurance at the checkout for their customers at a price that best suits them, leading to maximum conversions and higher revenue.