Some insurers insist on controlling the frontend of their partner sites. We’re not sure why.

When it comes to creating a seamless customer experience, we understand the importance of working with our partners to fully optimize the site’s frontend. However, unlike other insurers, we choose not to control the partner’s frontend site, and instead we run a series of product and pricing experiments to test which optimizations generate the highest conversion rate and ancillary revenue for our partners. 

Through our data analytics platform and experimentation framework, BrightWrite, we design and run these experiments with our partners. For example, in the above live pricing demo, we see real-time frontend price testing performed by our partners across the rental car insurance space. Our partners can control the look and feel of what is shown on the website, and we work with them to deliver these price optimizations.

Another one of the benefits to this strategy is that these experiments can be configured so as to not clash with other existing split testing that the partner may be undertaking. This experimentation is also a lot faster than traditional statistical models, where a result can be produced in quick as a week. 

Our approach to integrating with our partners means adopting their same goals of maximizing conversions and increasing revenue. Without taking control of the frontend, the BrightWrite service helps optimize these joint goals through product and pricing experiments that deliver insights for a more personalized customer experience.