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Rhino partners with Cover Genius to protect renters with embedded insurance, bringing convenience to the rental experience

Rhino, the leading real estate technology company, today announced its expansion into renters insurance, in partnership with Cover Genius, the leading insurtech for embedded insurance. Coupled with Rhino’s core product, Security Deposit Insurance, the new Renters’ Insurance offering will maximize the level of coverage for renters and property managers through a seamless product experience.

A faster shipping solution: shrinking claims times by up to 20 days for Descartes ShipRush

Descartes partnered with Cover Genius to provide a more customer-centric solution to their ShipRush customers and together created Total Shipping Protection, an insurance program that combines the best bits of a full-stack approach, from licensing to pricing, filing and claims, with an API that enables merchants of all sizes to realize the value of faster claims handling, smarter pricing and coverage that’s relevant to what’s inside the box

Simplified Earthquake Insurance Demo

Simplified Earthquake Insurance Demo An unexpected natural disaster like an earthquake can heavily disrupt business operations, especially if the road to recovery involves a drawn


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