cg gives

CG Gives is the charitable arm of our organization which strives to assist our wider community. Our mission is to protect the future of global communities through empowered giving.

We do this by supporting a variety of global and regional causes which alleviate poverty and provide disaster relief for communities around the world. Our focus is to empower individuals to improve their immediate circumstances as well as their communities.

Helping Sokhun save for a better future for her children in Cambodia

Sokhun is a working mother of three who, like all parents, wanted an education for her children. Being the breadwinner of the family, the income from her market selling pantry goods would not fulfill this dream. CG Gives funded a microfinance loan to help Sokhun expand her business to sell juices and add additional inventory to the stall. This loan helped her business thrive and Sokhun has been able to save for her children’s future.