The demand for travel insurance and embedding COVID-19 policies

Our Head of Insurance, Graeme Dean, was featured as a guest on the Insurtech Insider podcast. In this episode, Graeme discusses the demand for travel insurance increasing as more destinations require coverage as we move towards embedding COVID-19 policies in all insurance verticals.

Ranked as the #1 fastest-growing company in APAC by the Financial Times, Cover Genius is the embedded insurance company that protects the global customers of the world’s largest digital companies including Booking Holdings, Intuit, eBay and Shopee.

Key Highlights

03:22 Demand for Travel Insurance takes off as more destinations require coverage

04:40 Changing Travel Policies in CG’s Insurance coverage 

07:15 Is there more to the insurance product by giving insight on a client’s context? 

08:45 Do we end up in an even more divided society when there’s requirements to purchase the luxuries of insurance and getting a vaccine?

10:13 Embedding COVID policies in the insurance 

11:40 Why is buying the insurance and who’s providing the coverage?

14:12 Igniting Tourism – Will travel insurance be on their radar?