Talking tech: Disrupting insurance coverage in new ways

Our Chief Operating Officer of the Americas, Darcy Shapiro, discusses the role of women in insurance leadership, how technology is changing the industry and opportunities for the future in the latest episode of Property and Casualty 360 Podcast. 

The pandemic has shifted consumer’s purchasing behavior with booms within online service providers. As we move towards a digitized world, Darcy showcases why we’ve partnered with large brands to create custom insurance protection sold alongside products from websites we already know and love. 

Ranked as the #1 fastest-growing company in APAC by the Financial Times, Cover Genius is the embedded insurance company that protects the global customers of the world’s largest digital companies including Booking Holdings, Intuit, eBay and Shopee.

Key Highlights

1:29 Intro to Darcy Shapiro: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the insurance industry? 

3:14 What opportunities do you think there are for women in the insurance and technology industries?

5:30 What advice would you offer to young people creating a career in the insurance industry? What should they focus on earlier in their career and what skills should they be working on developing? 

8:00 You’ve worked with companies like Wayfair, eBay, Intuit, Skyscanner and you’ve provided some unique insurance coverages. Tell us about the Cover Genius’ business model and your plans for the future? 

10:33 Do you expect to continue seeing the same kind of growth in this area [online services] once restrictions are lifted? What kind of areas of opportunity do you see going forward? 

13:49 You’re a global company, how important are relationships with insurers and vendors? How do you identify the synergies that would make for a strong working relationship? 

16:55 Darcy’s closing insights – How can we get young people/grads excited in working in a ‘slow-moving’ field like insurance?