Trends driving more efficient automated claims

In a recent webinar with Insurtech Insights, Luiza Gusmão, our VP Customer discussed how automation in the claims process can improve customer experience, optimize the efficiency of claims and make insurers’ lives easier. 

When thinking about how to improve the customer experience, Luiza notes that it’s not just creating a unique tone of voice but more importantly, creating a tailored and seamless experience for customers. She gives an example of a customer looking for a flight on Skyscanner and compares their experience to a customer shipping a parcel through Descartes ShipRush highlighting the two different profiles and experiences that require a tailored automated claims experience natural to the customer. 

Luiza points to the emergence of fully integrated claims platforms as a revolutionary shift. When insurance products are embedded into other platforms, AI and natural language processing (NLP) can be integrated and used for fraud minimization, making it easier for insurers’ to only assist when a claim is denied. Well-integrated systems, like XClaim, allow claims to be processed instantly and direct human decision-makers to spend time on the right problems. 

Key Video Highlights:

  • 1:05 Discussion Agenda

    1:32 Introduction to CG & Luiza 

    4:22 How do you create a unique tone of voice with your brand if everything is automated?

    7:20 How can customers trust automated claims systems enough to not pick up the phone?

    10:35 How have you found that experience of trying to project confidence in the tone of voice when dealing with customers?

    16:50 Which trends in tech are allowing powerful automated decision-making possibilities?

    19:50 What inefficiencies in manual processes can be streamlined?

    28:05 Is your firm implementing modern claims automation processes? 

    32:45 Which professionals benefit most from automation?

    41:13 How can automation supplement human decision-making?

    44:35 How have you found modern techniques of automation and introducing machine learning have been useful in combating fraud? 

    46:28 What opportunities does blockchain present for claims automation?

    48:58 How long would it take for incumbent insurers to catch up to modern insurance firms? 

    51:49 Key takeaways