insurance made
for fintech

Our global platform for insurance and warranties allows fintechs, banks, issuers, neobanks, payments platforms, gateways, POS vendors, accounting and origination platforms, lenders of any stripe, merchants and more to sell or embed personal and commercial insurance lines.

Partners like Booking Holdings, Intuit, Zip, eBay, Tile, AXS, ShipStation and more share their datasets with the XCover API to provide insurance that’s globally fit for purpose, driving revenue and customer satisfaction from a personalized and seamless insurance experience. XCover is also available at Amazon and some of the world’s largest marketplaces including Wayfair, Flipkart, and SE Asia’s largest company, Shopee.

XCover’s enhanced protection drives resilience and happiness, as shown by the chart-topping post-claim NPS of +65‡ that comes with instant claim payments in 90+ currencies.


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