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Our global insurance distribution platform makes it simple for businesses in the gig economy to offer tailored protection to contractors, so they can perform their jobs with peace of mind.

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Boost Contractor Confidence and Loyalty

The gig economy has transformed the world of work. But in this new era of on-demand driving and deliveries, labor tasks, freelancing, remote working and specialty contracting, traditional insurers are failing to provide the protection and peace of mind that contractors need.

Our global insurance framework changes all that. By offering plans that we tailor together, you can optimize your processes with protection that’s tied to your contractor’s work, while minimizing your underwriting costs. Are you, for instance, unintentionally subsidizing insurance for your drivers who contract to other services? Stamp that out by powering an on-demand insurance program through the XCover API.

XCover makes it simple to integrate insurance into the signup process for taskers, drivers, volunteers, and other contractors or service providers, and offer tailored liability protection products for requesters, renters, and riders. So whatever the gig, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve Simplified Insurance for the Gig Economy

Cost efficiency

By offering relevant insurance directly to your contractors that relies on custom datasets to turn policies on and off, or instantly pay a claim, or apply machine learning to optimize price & product benefits, insurance efficiency can become your moat while a supply-side that’s optimally insured for liability, auto and accident insurance mitigates your risk.

More engagement

Peace of mind means contractor satisfaction. Our XCover platform makes it simple for you to drive more brand loyalty, ensuring your contractors are happy, engaged, and protected.

Global coverage

With insurance licenses in over 60 countries and 50 US states, you can rest assured that regulation is covered. Plus, content in more than 40 languages and instant payments in 90+ currencies makes us a truly global insurance solution.

Seamless experiences

As with life, contract work isn’t always sunshine and rainbows; so it’s reassuring to know that when you or a contractor needs to make a claim, our process is quick, easy and convenient - with handy features like immediate claims assessments and instant payments in over 90 currencies.

Personalized Peace of Mind

Here’s the problem: your contractors want the peace of mind that they’re protected while performing their job - but their personal plans leave them with coverage gaps and they’re left underinsured or uninsured by the apps that give them tasks, ride hails, contracts, deliveries, guests, financing, cleaning or cooking.

So we decided to make it simple. Our XCover platform plugs the gaps by offering tailored personal insurance and commercial solutions that give you and your contractors the flexibility to commence coverage at any point in time and, most importantly, the flexibility to turn coverage on and off or up and down, while overcoming supply-side shortages for your business.

Seamless Integration and Support

Our flexible, seamlessly-integrated API ensures a smooth set-up that’s reassuringly stress-free - so you can stay focused on your core business, while we take care of the insurance part. And because we know that no two gig economy businesses are the same, we can configure any part of the quote, bind and claim process to fit your requirements.

Supporting your growth

While your business might rely on short-term engagements, our partnership with you is for the long-term. We offer everything from technical integration support to future product engineering and front-end collaboration, while our BrightWrite data analytics service will keep you out in front with ongoing price and product optimization strategies.

Insurance For Every Gig Economy Business

We partner with the global giants to deliver relevant insurance policies that keep contractors satisfied and protected while driving growth. From rentals to removalists, property to pizza delivery, we can help grow your business, whatever gig you’re running.

Our global insurance distribution platform lets you offer on-demand general liability plans for all types of contracting risks in all markets, with a full suite of products for contracting companies including commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation, and errors and omissions insurance.

Some of the areas we support include Food Delivery, Drivers, Short Terms Rentals Hosts, Cleaners, Tasks, Space Renters, Freelancers, Cooks, Instructors, P2P Lending, Crowdfunding, Coworking, and Movers.

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