Hearing the voice of the customer and committing to the CX revolution

In the present day, most organizations claim to be customer centric using different tools and methodologies to capture the voice of the customer. Indeed, asking the right questions and knowing what information to look for is important. Darcy Shapiro, our Chief Operating Officer for the Americas, has found that there’s been a major shift in customer expectations with the acceleration of technology. 

In a recent panel discussion for the Digital Insurance Connect Summit, Darcy highlights that as we shift in the demographics globally, most households have dual working spouses so there’s less free time for simple day to day tasks. As grocery shopping, banking, doctor appointments all shift online, it would only make sense for insurance transactions and interactions to do the same. 

Customers often have trouble articulating what they want but they are very clear on what they do not want. As such, working towards a framework on how to provide customers a better experience is crucial. Understanding the customer touch points when they purchase insurance or make a claim is important and can make the experience as smooth as possible for the customer. 

Darcy emphasizes that insurance isn’t something that we should be thinking about day to day, instead it’s something that should be embedded in the background of our lives, and something you know you can count on when something goes wrong.

Key Video Highlights:

  • 0:38 Pekin Insurance – Building a Design Thinking Mindset 
  • 2:30 Lincoln Finance – Customer-Aware Decisions
  • 5:10 What tools or methodologies are used to capture customer information?
  • 7:25 How do you know what information to look for? 
  • 10:50 Have you experienced any challenges with finding the right people to engage with?
  • 12:15 What has changed in the customer expectations over the years? 
  • 13:30 Shift towards a Digital Landscape (Insurance Included)
  • 16:25 In your experience, what do customers want most? Key desires and dislikes?