Icelandair integrates XCover to offer embedded Covid protection for travelers

The pandemic has shifted the way travelers view insurance, creating a new set of concerns. Recently, Peter Smith – VP of Strategic Partnerships Travel and Icelandair’s Erna Kristjánsdóttir spoke on a webinar panel to discuss their partnership to create “COVID Plus” protection, the first airline to offer Covid protection. 

Icelandair understood the need for travelers to be financially protected especially during Covid which is why they partnered with Cover Genius who were able to pivot and swiftly create products suitable for their customers during the global pandemic.

Erna emphasizes on their desire to put the customer and their safety first. With Cover Genius’ high NPS score of +65, Icelandair shared the same vision of wanting to protect their customers and offering the customer the peace of mind and confidence that they’ll be protected. As such “COVID Plus” was created and embedded onto Icelandair’s website, offered as customers move through the booking flow.

Key highlights:

2:17 Introduction to Icelandair

6:16 Introduction to Cover Genius 

8:00 How have things changed for Cover Genius since Covid? 

10:13 Tell me more about the romance between Icelandair and Cover Genius? 

12:40 Cover Genius has a very high NPS score in the industry. Enlighten me on what NPS is? 

13:34 What are the benefits of this cover for the customers of Icelandair? 

16:27 [To Icelandair] What sort of response have you had from your customers?

17:13 How does Cover Genius manage the peace of mind to customers/passengers of Icelandair? 

20:52 From a possible passenger perspective when it comes to the insurance, is it dependent on age? 

25:35 LinkedIn Q&A – Costs on the Covid Plus insurance coverage? 

30:15 Recap of the Covid Plus Insurance