ITC fireside chat with Mauricio Comi from Intuit

Commercial insurance can make all the difference between potential disaster and getting back to business as usual quickly for SMBs.

There are many considerations these operations range from commercial business protection to personal lines and benefits for executives. 

From cyberattacks to credit card fraud, product defaults to workplace accidents – SMBs and customers want to know they’re protected should disaster strike. Our global insurance distribution platform lets our partners offer a full range of commercial insurance products that ensures their customers get the coverage they need to keep their business safe and protected.

Watch below as Mitch Doust, Chief Operating Officer – Americas at Cover Genius and Mauricio Comi, Head of SMB Insurance at Intuit chat at the Insuretech Connect 2020 global event. Mitch and Mauricio discuss the use of data to drive personalized insurance offerings for SMBs and how this is benefiting Intuit’s wide range of customers.