CEO Angus McDonald discusses Cover Genius’ trajectory on Insurtech Podcast

Our co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Angus McDonald, was invited to feature on the Insurtech Australia podcast. In this episode, Angus discusses the story behind the co-founders, the paths taken, the partnerships established and the customers they serve.

Ranked as the #1 fastest-growing company in APAC by the Financial Times, Cover Genius is the embedded insurance company that protects the global customers of the world’s largest digital companies including Booking Holdings, Intuit, eBay and Shopee.

Key highlights

1:00 What was the drive behind building an insurance business, and in particular, the Cover Genius model?

3:30 Who are Cover Genius’s customers, and how do they determine what you do each day?

8:30 Improvements to the claims process to achieve an industry-leading NPS of +65‡.

10:00 What does relationship building look like for Cover Genius? How were you able to achieve success during COVID-19 which restricted travel?

15:00 What are the key lessons you have learnt?

20:00 Was there ever a point where you thought you might have to walk away from this?

23:00 How have you gone about building the Cover Genius team globally? What do you think of the adage “Don’t dilute talent”?

29:00 Seven years into the journey – is Cover Genius where you imagined it would be?

34:00 What are you most grateful for in your Cover Genius journey to date?