Navigating the complexities of global embedded protection

Daniel Poole, VP of Strategic Partnerships – Retail for Cover Genius, spoke at the InsTech London event, “Making Payments Pay: Making the Most of Payments Technologies”. His conversation with InsTech London co-founder Robin Merttens was featured in InsTech’s podcast episode highlighting snippets from the event, alongside experts from Stripe, ICE InsureTech, and Cuvva.

He provided background on Cover Genius as well as his work across the retail business in the EMEA region. This includes the expansion of Cover Genius’s global distribution platform, XCover, available at Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, and Shopee, among other retail giants.

The conversation then shifted to the rise of embedded insurance and why it’s preferable to traditional insurance when navigating the complex world of digital transactions, especially when it comes to banking and payments. Daniel elaborated on how Cover Genius utilizes Stripe’s open API to enable their partners to offer global coverage from a single API call. Though there are several complexities to consider when operating on a global scale, Daniel spoke about how XCover’s best-in-class technology serves up localized and compliant policies in any vertical, in any region.

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Key Highlights

1:30 Conversation with Adrian Davis (Stripe)

7:00 Conversation with Freddy Macnamara (Cuvva)

14:25 Conversation with Andrew Passfield (ICE InsureTech)

19:10 Conversation with Daniel Poole (Cover Genius)