Why partnerships are the future of customer service - Insurtech Insights

Innovation within the insurance industry starts from adopting a customer-centric mindset – this is the building block for success if insurtechs and insurers are to effectively partner to better distribute products, be more transparent with customers, and improve the overall claims process.

In the video below, our Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Bayley, spoke on a panel at Insurtech Insights alongside James Orchard, CEO of QBE Ventures and Rita Yates, CEO of Insurtech Australia, to discuss why customer service needs a transformation within the insurance industry, and how insurer and insurtech partnerships can support this change. Click to watch and find out more.

Key highlights:

5:00 The current state of customer service:

  • How are insurers lagging behind other industries when it comes to customer service i.e. retail? Has the insurance industry kept up with the world becoming more digital?
  • How can insurers become more customer-centric?


18:00 Benefits of partnerships:

  • How insurtechs and insurers can partner together by streamlining distribution, be more transparent with customers, and improve the claims experience.
  • How can insurers and insurtechs leverage each other’s strengths/capabilities?
  • How can we solve for bottlenecks that restrict scale and innovation?


30:00 The road ahead:

  • How can insurers maximize their ROI with partnerships, and what does the future of these partnerships look like?