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Our global insurance distribution platform lets payments companies offer a range of personal insurance products directly to their customers, adding an extra revenue stream that boosts profits and peace of mind.

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Higher Conversions, Happier Customers

Keeping your customers happy and loyal to your brand is essential - but it’s no easy task. In an increasingly competitive payments market, staying ahead means giving customers the seamless, personalized experiences they expect, along with the peace of mind they want.

By leveraging data to serve the most relevant insurance product to each customer, our intelligent API makes it simple to offer a customized insurance experience that provides tailored protection. And with higher conversions leading to higher revenue, it’s a great deal for your business.

A Plus For Your Customers, A Win For Your Business

Increased revenue

By selling personal insurance products direct to your customers, your business benefits from an extra revenue stream that boosts your ancillary sales. And with an API that optimizes price and products to drive the highest possible conversion, you can be sure of the best result every time.

Higher engagement

Our XCover platform turns insurance into a seamless journey that keeps your customers coming back. By providing peace of mind and tailored experiences, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, while giving your business a competitive advantage in the crowded payments landscape.

Global coverage

Insurance licenses in 60+ countries and 50 US states means our platform is just the ticket for international operations, cross-border expansion and global scaling - all from a single, seamless API integration.

Personalized experiences

For today’s digital customers, a cookie-cutter approach just won’t cut it. Your customers want tailored experiences and products that are customized to them. By dynamically bundling policies to serve the right product at the right price, our XCover platform delivers the most relevant products to each customer.

Convenient and Friction-Free

When making online purchases, your customers want more than just discounts and specials. Encouraging brand loyalty and boosting satisfaction relies on offering solutions that add real value while keeping the experience seamless at every stage.

Our global insurance distribution platform leverages data and technology to deliver a frictionless insurance experience. The XCover platform ingests transactional data and initiates insurance quotes via our partner sites, or via white-labels.

Behind the scenes, our BrightWrite data analytics service uses training models to continually improve the recommendation engine that sifts and sorts SKUs, EANs, UPCs, MCCs, and other product and merchant datasets.

The result is extra peace of mind for your customers and more revenue for you.

Seamless Integration and Support

Our RESTful API is flexible, scalable, and ready to integrate, for a super-fast setup that’s stress-free. We’ll be right there to provide all the technical integration support you need and can tweak any part of the sale and claim process to suit your business requirements.

Support That Pays Off

Once we’ve got you across the setup line, we won’t leave you hanging. Our team is here to support you throughout your journey - from helping ensure your front-end is optimized to using our BrightWrite data analytics platform to continually test price and product recommendation strategies. Why so hands-on? Because nothing makes us happier than watching our partners grow.

Powering the Payments Industry

We partner with the giants of the payments industry to deliver seamless, personalized experiences to their global customers. By making it simple to offer peace of mind, we help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, all while boosting your bottom line.

What’s more, XCover’s API and white-label approach has application for any strategic initiative - whether you’re a card issuer moving into the AltFi world of installments and digital credit, a gateway looking at direct retailing via transactional add-ons, a trade creditor seeking underwriting in any country, or a POS provider seeking a second-chance before the customer’s out the door.

Our flexible XCover API supports a wide range of payment industry sub-industries including Banks, Neobanks, Card Networks, Payment Schemes, Acquirers, Payment Service Providers. Gateways and E-wallets.

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