Our smart suite of products protect millions of happy customers, distributed by the world’s largest ecommerce companies from a single call to our XCover API. If something does go wrong, our instant payment platform XClaim, can deliver payment to any bank or e-wallet account with ease.

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The Insurtech Difference


Seamless Integration

Cover Genius' suite of insurance products provide seamless API based POS solutions, generating on-demand policies from your dataset.



We co-create policies and experiences for customers of the world's largest platforms from mobility and home/car sharing to retailers, fintechs and more.



Our XClaim platform issues instant payment of claims with multiple payment types in every region and more than 90 currencies.


The platform that delivers on our vision to protect all the customers of the worlds largest companies.

XCover is an insurance distribution platform that provides seamlessly integrated end-to-end insurance capability including, regulated insurance policies in more than 60 countries and across 50 US states.

What is XCover?

  • Bundled insurance policies that are relevant, in the right language and the right currency
  • Predictive customer-level insights (lifetime value, loyalty) and machine learning-based product recommendations
  • Dynamic pricing and risk analytics via API (BrightWrite)

How it works


XClaim is an API for instant payments. We pay your customer's claim in real time, via bank transfer, store credit, virtual prepaid card, credit card top-up, or any of the popular e-wallets, in 90+ currencies.

XClaim pays instantly, as claimants attest by awarding NPS scores of +65. The modular setup of XClaim also supports submission forms, assessor front-end/comms, and notifications via email/SMS/phone, based on any claim type.

Our Microservices


In 2015, we built an API for car rental insurance and peer to peer insurance. We added a B2C site,, and together they have grown to become the largest rental insurance distributor globally.

We enable OTA’s, peer to peer and car rental agents to sell insurance add-ons to their customers. Policies are sold through 60+ countries, available in any language at dynamically driven prices that are optmized using our patented technology, BrightWrite.

Our Products And Services


Brightwrite is a data analytics platform that dynamically recommends product bundles and optimizes price for any Cover Genius partner.

BrightWrite is an additional service available to XCover and RentalCover partners that helps ensure your customers are presented with relevant products for their specific needs, at a price that is optimized for conversions.

How Brightwrite Works

BrightWrite is a data analytics platform that includes a pricing and product bundling service. It's available for policies sold or integrated by our XCover and RentalCover partners.

Insurance For Any Business

We understand that your success comes from satisfied and loyal customers. Our XCover API lets you deliver on this promise by delivering a seamless customer experience from policy creation to claims management.

Our Apis


Insurance policy delivery API

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Claims processing platform

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Car rental insurance API

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