Our global insurance distribution platform lets proptech and homesharing businesses offer personalized insurance. From short term rentals to commercial insurance, our customized policies fill in the gaps left by traditional insurers.

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Insurance Designed for Property Industry Disruptors

The way people buy, sell, and rent out their properties has changed dramatically in recent years. As a result, landlords and homeowners need insurance that suits their situation and protects them against the risks that come with opening your doors to short- or long-term tenants.

Our global insurance distribution platform lets you give peace of mind to property owners, with personalized, relevant policies that offer protection for the unexpected - such as accidental damage, theft, and vandalism - while covering all the ‘extras’ like repairs, replacements, delivery, and installation.

Insurance designed for the property industry means protection for the things your customers need. Like coverage for all types of accommodation - from apartments and houses to luxury estates and houseboats - and full liability and property coverage for landlords, plus optional coverage for landlords’ contents.

Benefits for Proptech & Home Sharing Businesses

Increased Revenue

By selling insurance directly to landlords and homeowners, you benefit from an ancillary revenue stream that turns insurance into a profit rather than a cost center. Our API dynamically bundles policies to drive the highest conversion each time, while subscription-based policies provide ongoing revenue and engagement opportunities to boost your bottom line further.

Global Coverage

Our insurance distribution platform is built for the global property market. With insurance licenses spanning over 60 countries and 50 US states, content delivered in more than 40 languages, and instant payments made in 90+ currencies through our XClaim platform, we make it simple for you to operate internationally and expand globally from a single API integration.

Competitive advantage

As proptech and homesharing transform the property industry, the demand for insurance that fits the changing needs of real estate customers is growing. We give you a competitive edge in an expanding market, helping you get closer to your customers by giving them the personalized, seamless experiences they seek.

The future of home rentals

With more and more homeowners renting out their houses, apartments and condos to domestic and foreign guests, selling insurance directly to landlords is the future of property insurance. Our XCover platform meets the needs of a changing market, letting you deliver tailored products that cater to a growing segment.

Built For Efficiency

Our global insurance distribution platform is designed to maximize efficiency, with rental and landlord’s insurance that can be inserted into any booking path, including PMS, vacation rental, host management, and agency management software. And by utilizing incoming reservation data from the XCover API to generate coverage “on demand”, your insurance is tied to your platform rather than subsidizing a competitor’s service.

For short term rentals, our insurance framework drives down the total cost of listing by offering on-demand home insurance that is cross-subsidized by on-demand landlord’s insurance. This efficiency means you and your property are covered by one policy for exactly 365 days per year, rather than 365 for your home insurance and another period of time as a landlord.

The Future of Property Insurance

As homesharing apps become household names and proptech companies disrupt established industry practices, traditional insurance is failing to meet the changing needs of landlords, homeowners, and renters.

With our global insurance distribution platform, you can offer relevant insurance policies that are optimized by our API for the greatest relevance and highest conversion. As a result, your business gains a competitive advantage, increased customer loyalty, and a boost to your bottom line.

Seamless Integration & Support for the Long-Term

We’re sure you’ve got enough on your plate, so we offer a straightforward setup that gets you up and running without disruption. Our RESTful APIs integrate seamlessly, and can be configured to fit your business requirements - so if you need to tweak any part of the sale or claim process, we can take care of it.

As for international operations and worldwide expansion, we’ve got you covered. We have insurance licenses in over 60 countries and 50 US states, deliver content in more than 40 languages, and make instant payments in 90+ currencies.

Happier Homeowners, Higher Revenue

We help businesses in the proptech and homesharing industries maximize revenue opportunities by offering customized insurance products directly to their customers. From homesharing apps to real estate agents, we make it simple to offer peace of mind and a seamless user experience, all while boosting your bottom line.

We partner with property companies and industry disruptors around the world, offering tailored insurance solutions for Agents, Short term rentals/hosts, Landlords. Owners, Renters, and Builders.

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