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We make it simple for shoppers to buy the insurance they want from the retailers they love. Our global insurance distribution platform gives your customers peace of mind and seamless experiences, all while giving your business a revenue-boosting advantage.

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Made For Retailers. Designed For Customers.

We discovered that when customers are offered insurance at the point of sale, they’re more likely to make higher-value purchases. Enter XCover - our simple-to-use insurance distribution platform that lets retailers protect their customers by offering customized policies.

With insurance licenses in over 60 countries and 50 US states, we’re boosting profits and CLTV for some of the world’s largest retailers.

Better For Your Business


Turn insurance into a profit center. With flexible options like annual subscription pricing and payment of claims via store credits, you can enjoy the sweetness of a secondary revenue source. Plus, increase wallet share and brand equity by selling insurance on historical sales, as well as other products your customers own and want to protect.


Our data-leveraging API instantly optimizes to serve the right product at the best price. The result is higher conversions and happier customers.

Global Reach

Our worldwide coverage makes international scale simple. We’re licensed to sell any type of insurance in almost any country, with an API that delivers content in over 40 languages.


From auto-renewals that grow the premium pool to subscription pricing options that drive CLTV, and claims paid into digital wallets for higher incremental spend, engagement opportunities abound.

Removing Retail Friction, Click By Click

We help you simplify the retail journey and offer a seamless multichannel claims experience through smoother interactions, intuitive processes, and convenient features your customers will love you for - like instant claims payments through our XClaim platform and easy communication via online, live chat, chatbot, and phone.


Our zero-friction approach applies to more than just our policies. We’ve made the set-up process as simple as can be, with RESTful APIs that integrate with ease. Flexible and highly scalable, we can configure any part of the sale and claim process to fit your needs.

And because we’re licensed in 60+ countries and 50 US states, you don’t need to be. International expansion from a single API call? No problem. We stick around for your success

Built For Any Retailer, Anywhere in the World

Our flexible XCover API enables retailers of any type and geography to seamlessly sell insurance to their global customers. That means satisfied customers and sweet ancillary revenue for retail businesses.

You Sell, We Protect

From jewelry, pets to iPhones. No matter what products you sell, we’ll help you protect the people that buy them. We provide a full range of warranty/insurance products for omnichannel and online/offline category specialists, and offer seamless integrations with ecommerce and shipping platforms.

Some of the sub-industries we support include Omnichannel, Online, Furniture Stores, Pets & Vets, Telcos, Electronics, Jewelry, Eyewear, Fine Arts & Collectibles, Musical Instruments, Bike Stores, and Home Improvement.

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