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We protect customers of top retailers and marketplaces worldwide with XCover, our global distribution platform. Available at Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, and more, XCover offers warranties and shipping protection like AppleCare, managed through a single API or Clyde for various e-commerce setups. With XCover, boost customer value by integrating protection and product recommendations into checkout and post-sale processes seamlessly.

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Consumers want product protection directly from their favorite retailers

Consumers are interested in receiving product protection directly from their favorite brands, and are willing to pay more for the convenience of adding protection at checkout and post-purchase. The Retail Protection Report, conducted by SurveyMonkey and commissioned by Cover Genius, explores consumer experiences with product protection and offers valuable insights for retailers looking to enhance their offerings.

  1. Consumers are willing to pay a premium — 21% more — when considering product protection for their purchases.
  2. 60% of consumers would be more likely to purchase protection if the product protection comes together with other protection (e.g. shipping protection, accidental damage, return protection, etc.).
  3. In the future, consumers are interested in purchasing product protection for a variety of their purchases. The most popular categories are Personal Electronics (65%), Home Appliances (52%) and Luxury Goods (34%).
  4. 87% of consumers would recommend a brand with which they had positive claims experience.


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