How Rhino integrated XCover to create a one touch solution for renters

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Rhino is an innovator in the proptech market that needed a partner who could help enhance their unique offering with customized protection. Furthering their mission to give renters’ everywhere greater financial freedom and choice to plan and enjoy their lives, Rhino worked with us to create a renter’s insurance product that paired perfectly with their affordable security deposit plans.

Through integration of our award-winning XCover technology, Rhino embedded protection directly into their sign up process, seamlessly bundling everything a renter needs to move into their property with confidence. XCover’s ability to personalize the customer experience using data means Rhino customers are shown the right price at the right time. Tapping into data also ensures the customer journey is frictionless and customers don’t need to fill out information twice – adding protection takes less than 1 minute.

Through XCover, Rhino is able to offer a one touch solution that meets all the unique needs of their customers.