How Ryanair drives loyalty by creating adaptable embedded protection using XCover

In the post-pandemic world of travel, safety remains top of mind for anyone planning on booking a trip. For Europe’s largest airline, Ryanair, encouraging bookings and driving long term loyalty meant evolving their insurance offering to provide convenient, efficient protection that fits the changing needs of their customers.

Ryanair partnered with us to create an embedded insurance solution that is curated for every itinerary, regardless of location or language. Through integration of our award-winning XCover distribution platform, Ryanair customers receive comprehensive and tailored protection that is integrated directly in the booking path to provide the type of convenience the majority of travelers have indicated they want. In a recent breakthrough research report commissioned by Cover Genius and conducted by across 20 countries, 71% of recent travelers indicated that they would purchase insurance from their travel provider again, with the primary driver being convenience.

Leveraging XCover’s ability to unbundle traditional policies and bundle relevant protection, Ryanair is able to address the gaps that currently exist in travel insurance and instead offer their customers a best-in-class customer experience featuring hyper-relevant products and a claims experience that is backed by an industry-leading post-claims NPS.