Cover Genius Partners with Ryanair to Offer Customers Embedded Travel Protection

Research shows that 42% of travelers in EMEA would prefer to purchase embedded travel protection directly from travel providers with the primary driver being convenience.

PRESS RELEASE   December 14, 2021 Cover Genius, the leading global insurtech for embedded insurance, today announced a strategic partnership with Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, to offer its customers comprehensive travel protection, integrated directly into the booking flow for a more convenient experience. 

By integrating with XCover, Cover Genius’ award-winning global distribution platform, Ryanair customers will have the option to purchase a selection of protection products tailored to their itinerary. 

Ryanair’s Director of Ancillary Revenue, Greg O’Gorman, said: “We are delighted to partner with Cover Genius to offer our growing network of customers an even more convenient and comprehensive suite of travel insurance options. Customers can now avail of tailored protection packages that are specially curated for each itinerary, regardless of their location or language, to give them peace of mind as they travel with Ryanair, Europe’s no.1 airline.” 

This partnership follows a survey, conducted by and commissioned by Cover Genius, of 4,638 travelers from EMEA countries including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, Italy, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates, which sought to understand customer sentiment regarding travel insurance, the preferred channels for obtaining it and claims experiences. Overall, findings showed that the majority of travelers (42%) would prefer to purchase embedded travel protection directly from travel providers and agents with the primary driver being convenience. In fact, of the travelers who previously purchased travel protection from a travel provider, 71% would do so again.

When asked to evaluate their most recent claim, customers across EMEA with free insurance via their credit card rated their experience with a post-claim NPS of -36 and an average completion time of 18 days. Cover Genius’ post-claims NPS stands at +65, the highest independently monitored score for any insurance company worldwide.  

“With data revealing that travelers are dissatisfied with current pandemic-related coverages and claims, we are excited to help Ryanair address the current gaps that exist with travel protection,” said Peter Smith, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Travel at Cover Genius. “Our unmatched post-claims NPS of +65 will enable Ryanair to offer its customers a best-in-class, customer-centric claims experience.”

This study showed a correlation between NPS and resolution time for claims, suggesting that claims backed by faster payments, clearer policy wordings, online status updates, online filing, and avoidance of data re-entry can all increase satisfaction rates. 

This partnership and survey findings follow Cover Genius’ recent $70M USD Series C funding round, which is being used to expand its global distribution platform, XCover, and support new international partnerships in e-commerce, property, travel, mobility, auto, B2B and financial services.

Download the full survey report, “A consumer-focused survey on claims experience and embedded offers for the travel industry”. 


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