Innovate at pace to kick-start travel recovery: The future of insurance

Recently, we partnered with Skyscannner, the leading global travel marketplace, who saw an urgent need to ensure their customers were offered protection that was fit-for-purpose under a global pandemic. Together, we launched a first-of-its-kind Covid-19 bundle of travel insurance products to make sure travelers can feel safe again to book their next trip.

In the video below, Graeme Dean, our Head of Insurance, and Peter Smith, our Head of Travel Partnerships for EMEA, discuss with Tiago Godinho, Commercial Director at Skyscanner the challenges, goals and achievements that were part of the journey to innovate at pace to kick-start travel recovery.

Key highlights

1:30 Skyscanner’s journey into insurance:
– What was the catalyst?
– Where do you see the big needs or opportunities?
– How can Skyscanner and Cover Genius work together to produce a positive insurance experience?
– Research that shows an appetite for insurance, especially in the travel vertical.

7:30 What do companies like Skyscanner look for in a partner when co-creating new solutions for customers:
– What are the main attributes they look for?
– Being customer-centric and clear with what the customer is purchasing, and a seamless claims experience.

15:00 Projections for the near future i.e. next 12 months – how will the travel industry fare?
– What new concerns have to be accounted for when customers search for travel in a post-COVID world?
– Protection products, such as the Covid-19 Coverage, offer this peace of mind for travelers.