Working with Turkish Airlines to achieve a startling attach rate increase of 400% at launch

During the pandemic, traditional models left travelers unprotected in their time of need. According to the Embedded Travel Insurance Report, conducted by and commissioned by Cover Genius, 27% of European customers who made a claim were not covered, despite purchasing policies with pandemic-related coverage. 

As the world’s largest international mainline carrier, Turkish Airlines partnered with us to distribute personalized and relevant protection to their travelers. By integrating with XCover, Cover Genius’ award-winning distribution platform, protection is embedded seamlessly in the booking path, with bundled coverage and easy-to-read policies. Travelers also benefit from a frictionless claims process that takes only 5 minutes from filing to submitting and enables instant payments for approved claims through a range of payment methods in more than 90 currencies.

Watch our demo to learn how we help Turkish Airlines strengthen their commitment to customer satisfaction.