The API For Instant Payments, Globally
XClaim is an API that provides instant claims payments in over 90 currencies, via a range of payment methods including bank transfer, store credit, card top-up, and digital wallets.

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Fast Payments, Frictionless Experiences

When it comes to insurance claims, your customers want more simplicity and less waiting time. But with an industry benchmark of 18-22 days to issue approved payments, it’s clear that traditional insurance platforms aren’t hitting the mark.

XClaim is an API for instant payments but most importantly, our partners get to choose their own rules for payment methods. For instance, our retail partners often want to pay using store credits; in mobility, pet and travel some payouts are reimbursable - requiring global bank transfers - others, especially travel medical, are paid direct to service providers, and subrogated auto claims don’t touch a customer’s wallet.

Depending on customer preference XClaim also pays into multiple digital wallets including Paypal, Venmo, Alipay, Grab, Wechat, Line and cash pickup networks throughout Asia, or via credit/debit card OCT, or to virtual prepaid cards.

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What You Get With XClaim

Instant payments in 90+ currencies

XClaim supports real-time payments in over 90 currencies, giving you global capabilities from a single API call. And with insurance licenses in 60+ countries and 50 US states, our platform is built for international operations and cross-border expansion.

Flexible payment options

Pay the way that works for you and your customers. XClaim enables instant claims payments via a range of convenient methods - from bank transfers and store credits to e-wallets and top-ups to credit cards and virtual prepaid cards.

Automated claims processes

XClaim uses process automation and AI to reduce end-to-end claims handling time and deliver a fast, frictionless experience. By automating business rules, customer communication, and integration with external services, XClaim enables a speedier, smoother claims process.

Fully configurable platform

The XClaim API is highly configurable to support claims in any insurance line of business. Built to work with our XCover insurance distribution platform, XClaim has a modular set-up to support submission forms, assessor front-end/comms, and notifications via email, SMS and outbound calls.

How XClaim Works

International payouts is hard. It’s one thing to accept a credit card from anywhere, but paying small values on a single network is almost unheard of. There’s the SWIFT network between banks, but that is expensive, slow, usually not local currency, and doesn’t guarantee value delivered, and as the pace of international commerce increases and underbanked locations are adopting less banking and more combined wallets, SWIFT loses relevance quite quickly.

With XClaim, we designed for optimal speed and flexibility, taking advantage of faster payments local networks and regional payment providers to give fast and global payout capability. We can pay out to a local bank account (ACH, EFT, local wires) and many digital wallets instantly. That becomes really valuable to someone waiting on a claim payout to get them out of dodge.

Pay Your Way

Don’t want to be tied down to a single payment method? XClaim gives you the freedom to issue payments using a wide range of methods to suit your business and your customers’ preferences.

XClaim can issue payments via:

  • Store credit: This can be spent on your website or across your fulfillment network to maintain traction.
  • Bank transfer: Deposit funds directly to a customer’s bank account in over 90 different currencies.
  • Credit card or virtual prepaid card: Instantly top-up a nominated card.
  • Virtual wallets: Choose from a range of e-wallets including PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and other single market wallets.

A Simplified Approach to Claims Handling

We believe insurance should be simple. From straightforward wording to instant claims payments, we’ve removed the obstacles to give customers the seamless experiences they want.

Once a claim has been approved, XClaim enables real-time payment via the customer’s preferred payment method. Meanwhile, integration with services such as fraud detection and image verification ensures your business stays protected.

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