The Distribution Platform For Global, Customized Insurance
XCover is a global insurance distribution platform that delivers personalized insurance in any country, language, and currency. Dynamic bundling of policies from any category and underwriter means a highly-customized insurance experience, while insurance licenses in over 60 countries and 50 US states enable global capabilities from a single API call.

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Any Line of Insurance, Anywhere in the World

XCover makes it simple for the world’s largest companies to offer tailored insurance policies directly to their customers. With a RESTful API that dynamically optimizes price and products in real-time, the XCover distribution platform lets you serve relevant policies in any country and language.

We’ve made integration seamless, with an easily configurable API and flexible service design that ensures minimal switching costs. And when it comes to compliance, our global regulation has you covered across the world with insurance licenses in over 60 countries and 50 US states.

How It Works

The XCover Difference

Dynamically-Bundled Policies

XCover lets you offer insurance that’s the best fit for your customers, based on their purchase behavior and lifestyle. By dynamically bundling policies from any category and underwriter, our API serves the most relevant insurance products in the right language and currency - so your customers get peace of mind and a personalized insurance experience.

Flexible & Scalable

We’ve made integration as simple as can be, with a RESTful API that allows seamless switching at minimal cost. Highly flexible and easily configurable, our API gives you the freedom to insure and price (for risk or retail) based on any metric - from microseconds and mileage to parametric inputs such as weather, traffic, and flight data.

A Global Insurance Framework

With regulated insurance policies in more than 60 countries and 50 US states, and policy content available in over 40 languages, XCover is built for international operations and cross-border expansion. What’s more, our XClaim instant payments platform enables immediate payment of claims in over 90 currencies, for a truly global insurance solution.

Dynamic Price Optimization

The XCover experimentation API, BrightWrite, uses data to implement dynamic price experiments, so you can continually test and optimize to ensure you’re hitting the pricing sweet spot. As for compliance, just like everything else, we keep it simple - our compliance team gives direction to our partners and we don’t request sign off.

Smarter Insurance, Made Simple

It’s pretty straightforward - the millennial buying an iPhone X needs a very different type of policy to the baby boomer booking a Royal Caribbean Cruise. So why do so many insurers think that “one size fits all”? We don’t - which is why our XCover API dynamically bundles policies to serve the most relevant insurance product to each customer.

Testing, Testing...Experiment With XCover

XCover lets you perform frontend price testing to serve the right product at the right price. Using our BrightWrite data analytics service, you can implement ongoing price and product recommendation strategies, with dynamic price experiments that optimize for the highest possible conversion each time.

The result is happier customers, higher conversions, and a healthy boost to your bottom line.

Lightweight Integration, Flexible Design

Our zero-friction approach starts with seamless integration, so you can be all set up and testing sooner. And because the XCover API is highly flexible and easily configurable for new partners, insurers, and lines of insurance, you can be sure of processes that are the perfect fit for your business requirements.

As for the road ahead, the XCover platform is designed to grow with your business. Whether you need to add more insurance products, extend to other markets, or expand to new countries, XCover helps you take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

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