How MakeMyTrip gives travelers convenience and peace of mind with ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ protection

The Embedded Insurance Travel Report conducted by and commissioned by Cover Genius found that 69% of Indian travelers are highly interested in purchasing protection directly from online travel agencies (OTAs), travel providers and airlines. This signifies the opportunity for travel players like MakeMyTrip, the largest OTA in India and the UAE, to realize the benefits of embedding protection in the booking path.

Through integrating with XCover, Cover Genius’ award-winning global distribution platform, MakeMyTrip has launched a fit-for-purpose protection solution for their millions of customers, with an industry-leading post-claims Net Promoter Score. We’ve given travelers added peace of mind and ultimate flexibility when booking, with the option to make their tickets refundable with just a few clicks, no questions asked. The seamless experience extends to our digital, automated claims process that provides travelers with instant refunds upon approval via a range of payment methods.

Learn more about the integration in our demo below.