How XCover reduces support burden for partners and improves customer satisfaction

While our distribution platform XCover makes it simple for the world’s largest digital companies to distribute any line of protection, ensures stress-free support for tens of millions of customers. Leaders like, Zip, Intuit, Ryanair and other XCover partners rely on to produce delightful end-to-end experiences, from post-purchase to policy administration, claims and instant payments upon approval.

Upon purchasing protection, customers can manage their policies, access support, file claims, make changes and obtain refunds, all through their account. Seamlessness is prioritized throughout the customer journey:

  • Policies are written in plain English — strictly avoiding ambiguity — and translated into 40 languages, with navigation that allows deep-linking from other sources.
  • Emails focus on CTAs to help drive targeted outcomes.
  • Help Center articles are partner-specific and continuously improved.
  • Claims adjustment and claim submission forms (“First Notice of Loss”) are tailored from a single, bespoke platform, ensuring rapid deployment of process improvements for customers and assessors alike.
  • Payments are made instantly for approved claims into any bank account or major e-wallet worldwide.

We also keep customers happy with real-time claim updates and around-the-clock support available through live chat, phone and email.

The end result is a significant reduction in support tickets — less than 5% of customers that visit our Help Center request further support. Additionally, we grow customer satisfaction with our industry-leading post-claims Net Promoter Score (NPS).

As an example of how an efficient and continuously improving technology-led approach helps all parties, within 3 months of becoming available at Amazon, XCover’s support response time improved 5x.

Learn more about how XCover delivers a frictionless experience to millions of customers in the demo.