How Volaris integrated XCover to extend international travel protection to its global customers

View the demo in Portuguese and Spanish.

A global travel insurance survey conducted by and commissioned by Cover Genius shows that 58% of travelers in the Americas want to get embedded protection from travel providers, airlines and agents and confirms the need for technology-based solutions given how traditional models went missing during the pandemic.

Volaris, an ultra-low-cost airline operating in Mexico, the United States and Central and South America, collaborated with us to bring a game-changing protection solution to life that enables its global customers to travel with peace of mind. The partnership leverages Cover Genius’ licenses or authorizations in 50 US states and 60 countries, including in Latin America, and unique capabilities backed by XCover, our award-winning global distribution platform, helping Volaris expand its ancillary offerings to match its regional expansion.

Through the XCover integration, Volaris’ customers can easily add bundled and tailored-to-the-itinerary travel protection at the time of booking for peace of mind when booking their long-awaited trip. They will also manage easy-to-understand policies on a centralized dashboard and enjoy a hassle-free claims experience with instant payments for approved claims in 90+ currencies, backed by our industry-leading post-claims Net Promoter Score.

Learn more about the solution in the demo below.