Cover Genius & Easol Offer Missed Event Protection for Creators

Cover Genius and Easol, the all-in-one platform for managing experience businesses, have announced a new partnership to offer missed event protection to consumers. Easol offers customers missed event protection directly in the online customer bookings journey. 

Easol can now offer peace of mind to customers in the United Kingdom and United States when purchasing live entertainment, travel, sporting, wellness and other  investments for a wide range of unforeseen circumstances, including:

 – Unexpected transit delays or strikes

 – Injury, illness, or death of customer or member of immediate family

 – When a customer is required as a carer for another ill or injured ticket holder

 – Unexpected deployment as a member of the armed forces

 – Pregnancy 

When event ticket sales go live more than a year in advance or when an unforeseen injury makes it impossible to participate in the booked marathon, the missed event  protection offered by Easol with Cover Genius’ seamless claims experience can help mitigate uncertainties for their customers.  

The partnership will expand to help protect customers in the rest of Europe in the next few months. 

Additional details can be found here.