How Flipkart builds brand loyalty and CLTV by embedding protection through XCover

Flipkart’s dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience made amplifying their service with embedded protection a natural next step. By integrating with our award-winning XCover global distribution platform, Flipkart is able to offer their customers hyper-relevant protection that is customized to suit a wide selection of item categories.

How Icelandair integrated XCover to become the first national airline to offer Covid protection

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new set of concerns for the modern traveler and highlighted how important tailored protection is in restoring confidence for travelers worldwide. International airline and national flag carrier Icelandair partnered with us to accelerate their recovery from the effects the airline industry has been experiencing from the pandemic, while still prioritizing the safety of their customers above all else.

How Ola launched embedded protection on a global scale through XCover

When OLA sought to bring added value to their customers by offering protection for their trips from pick-up to drop-off, we were the natural choice to partner with due to our extensive experience in embedded insurance. As a leading mobility company that uses digital solutions to deliver a seamless customer experience, OLA recognized the importance of integrating protection offers directly in-app. We created Ride Advantage specifically tailored to ride-sharing needs and through our award-winning XCover platform customers are able to add opt-in to protect all subsequent trips in the natural flow of the OLA app.

Simplified Earthquake Insurance Demo

Simplified Earthquake Insurance Demo An unexpected natural disaster like an earthquake can heavily disrupt business operations, especially if the road to recovery involves a drawn

Unbundled Travel Insurance Demo

Now more than ever are travelers looking to insurance to protect them wherever they are in the world. We work with with travel partners to integrate solutions that are tailored to capture conversions. Our RESTful APIs optimize price and policy bundles for each customer’s individual travel needs and plans. Our policies are easy to read to understand, and can be managed by our partners through the our award-winning XCover platform.

BrightWrite Dynamic Pricing Demo

View the case study. Generating key pricing insights can lead to maximized conversions and ancillary revenue, which is possible with our data analytics platform, BrightWrite.

Instant Payments of Approved Claims Demo

Traditionally, the claims process can be clunky, slow, and frustrating, with payments taking even longer. Cover Genius offers an award-winning claims platform, where customers can submit a claim via our simple and fast digital platform, with instant payments upon the claim’s approval.


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